Phippines Plans to buy Indonesian Spy Plane

Irish Air Corps (CASA CN 235 aircraft). (under creative commons)

MANILA, Philippines – The government plans to procure a spy plane from Indonesia and a troop transport aircraft from Italy, the Department of National Defense (DND) said yesterday.

Peter Paul Galvez, DND spokesman, said the long-range maritime patrol and surveillance plane is manufactured in Indonesia under a joint venture agreement with Spain.  (Click here to read more)


PAF to acquire air defense

An Alenia MRCS-403 3D-radar of the Austrian Air Force (imaqe under GNU Free documentation License)

MANILA, Philippines - The Air Force will acquire at least three air defense radars during the term of President Aquino to boost its capabilities in securing the country’s territory.

Air Force spokesman Lt. Col. Miguel Okol said the radars would be used to protect the country’s airspace.

“We are looking at two to three radars. These may be placed in traditional areas like La Union or Mindoro or possibly in the West Philippine Sea,” Okol told The STAR in a telephone interview yesterday.

He said they are still estimating the cost of the radars. Officials have yet to finalize the details of the acquisition plan... (click here to continue reading)

Gregorio del Pilar Class Frigates to be equipped with Harpon anti-ship missiles

The Canadian frigate HMCS Regina (FFH 334) fires a Harpoon anti-ship missile during a Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) sinking exercise (in public domain)

In a report publish by Philippine online news sites, a ranking Department of National Defense (DND) official said, that the Gregorio Del Pilar class frigates of the Philipine Navy is to be equipped with Harpoon, anti-ship missile system, sophisticated radars capable of detecting and tracking incoming surface threats and an anti-missile and torpedo decoying systems, to make these Frigates a more capable vessels to satisfy our minimum deterrent capability as far as naval defense is concern

The official said the Harpoon is the ideal missile system for the Del Pilar Class, noting that one of their sister-ship, the USCGC Mellon (WHEC-717), has been fitted with the Harpoon missile launchers and test fired the weapons in January, 1990.


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